About this blog

This blog represents a work in progress, a collection and assemblage of thoughts, rants, research and practice, in an attempt to navigate my artistic learning and practice through my MA in Fine art at Birmingham School of Art.

It’s organised (if a little chaotically at times) into a few categories:

  • Contemporary Philosophy and Aesthetics – CPA (Option module)
  • Mindfulness, Wellbeing and Environment in Context – MAW (Option module)
  • Research in Practice – RIP
  • Advance Practice – AP
  • Radical Art and Social Practice – RASP (A space to let off steam and hopefully turn it into something positive)

New categories to come:

  • Things Imagined But Yet To Be Made – TIBYTBM (A repository for good and bad ideas and proposals, a place for them to sit and hum, to be later raided and perhaps realised)
  • Stop Look Make – SLM (A section which follows the development and delivery of a new course linking philosophy, art and wellbeing, to be delivered in Jan 2018)
  • Final Presentation – FP (Final MA Show Presentation/Dissertation)