Sound Work Proposal

As part of THE MACHINE STOPS, I’m proposing a sound work based on the recent scientific discovery and observation of colliding black holes.

If possible (might not be due to lift work), I’d like to place a speaker at the top of the metal frame which opens up the space next to the lift shaft, and one at the bottom, working in a call and response signalling, across the galaxy. If possible (I’ve already made enquiries regarding mimicking birds) the sound should be mimicked by a bird, again suggesting the sublime, as a phenomena beyond form and the physical, the relationship between animal and machine and this cosmic event, which is translated by a machine.

2017-06-06 17.13.53

Space next to the lift shaft at Margret Street.  As the structure is metal I’d propose a bare speaker, using its built in magnet to mount the speaker.  There would have to be either a long lead or two media players.