Solastalgia and the madness of a new mental illness

Philosopher Glenn Albrecht proposes Solastalgia as a new typology in human and environmental relationships based, on the drama between forces of creation and forces of destruction. My concern, having read some of the responses to this idea, is that this new typology of ‘being’ has already been debated as a new ‘mental disorder’, which yet again seeks to pathologies our human response to climate and environmental change, placing the ‘problem’ within the individual, not with the agents of change. Albrecht stresses that at the heart of this typology is the love of and solidarity for collective responsibility for the health of the earth. This is an extension to my arguments on the modernist disconnect and the death of the sublime.  It’s about time we recognised that we are living organisms, entangled with every other living organism on the planet and faced up to our responsibility not just to look after the planet but to look after each-other and to re-connect with our humanity.